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Blenders’N’ Dealers provides insightful reporting on the lubricants markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. First, Africa is our oyster, and we intend to provide exclusive and adequate coverage of the African continent, but we will extend our focus beyond Africa to the Middle East and Europe. The reasons for adjoining the Middle East and Europe to our coverage are not far removed from the fact that the African lubricant market is intertwined with those of the Middle East and Europe. Events affecting the lubricant markets in the Middle East and Europe tend to have certain implications for the African market. It is, therefore, expedient that if we want to provide exclusive and extensive coverage of the lubricant market in Africa, we must also cover the intersecting markets of the Middle East and Europe.

BND starts are starting as an online news platform, but it will evolve into other segments of the Base oils and lubricants segments in the African lubricant market and other intersecting markets.


The team of reporters at the BND comprises Emeka Umejei, who is our chief reporter supported by a host of reporters based across the African continent, Middle East, and Europe. Our chief reporter has covered the African lubricant market for more than one decade and has extensive contacts and reach in various countries on the continent. He has reported on lubricant production and consumption in some of the continent’s largest markets such as Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Kenya, and has insiders in these markets. BND will also have columns and contributions from leading lubricant actors across the African continent, the Middle East, and Europe.

Brief Biography of Our Chief Reporter

Emeka Umejei holds a Ph.D. in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand. He also has a master’s in journalism and media Studies from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. Emeka has been a practicing journalist for over one decade and has reported extensively on the African base oils and lubricants markets since 2012.